We offer training around a range of themes which include but are not limited to:  Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), resilience, attachment, developmental and relational trauma, stress, self-regulation and building safe and respectful relationships. Our training is tailored to the needs of your organisation / group. Below are just some examples of the types of training we offer:

  • ACE / Resilience Training - This training incorporates the documentary Resilience, which addresses the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on individuals, families, communities and society. It also introduces the science behind the findings and explores creative ways to implement it's messages in your practice.

  • Attachment Training - This training explores the importance of early attachment experiences and addresses how best to cultivate secure attachments with children. It also addresses how relationships, trauma and adverse childhood experiences impact on brain development and physical, social and emotional health.

  • Navigating Adolescence - This training explores the impact of developmental changes in adolescence and how these impact on relationships, behaviours and emotional health. It also looks at how childhood trauma can make the journey through adolescence more problematic and the potential challenges that may result.

  • Managing 'Behaviour that Challenges' - This training helps participants understand and work with challenging, violent and / offending behaviour, using an attachment / trauma approach. It also addresses the importance of helping children and adolescents to develop self-regulation techniques.

  • Trauma Informed Practice - This training helps participants to understand how Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma impacts their organisation and those they work with. It explores how current practice builds resilience and how being 'trauma informed' will build on current good practice .

  • Healthy Connected Organisations - This training aims to build more collaborative and productive workplaces. It is a alternative to traditional 'team building' approaches. It explores and addresses the collective impact of individual histories on team dynamics.

We have delivered training and workshops to a range of organisations, including the following: