Love Live Thrive


Connected for Life helps build, lasting, compassionate connections within families, organisations and communities and supports those suffering the pain of disconnection.

We do this by offering a range of primary prevention and support services for individuals, families, parents, professionals, organisations, or anyone who feels we can help or support them.

We believe that all our behaviour and beliefs are simply a reflection of our innate need for love and connection. 

We have worked for many years with individuals for whom those needs were either ignored or undermined by adverse childhood experiences.  We saw how this unmet need often left people feeling fearful, marginalised and without hope. We now understand how these experiences can also create lasting, damaging changes in the brain and body, imprisoning us into negative beliefs and patterns of behaviour.

It is these beliefs and behaviours that harm individuals and society, leading to mental health problems including anxiety and depression, interpersonal and domestic violence, offending behaviour, educational underachievement, addiction, substance misuse and family breakdown.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the lasting effects of adverse childhood experiences, including attachment issues and trauma, in order to prevent them from casting a shadow over lives and communities.