We established Connected for Life after long term careers in Social Work and Youth Justice, in which we witnessed the hurt and suffering experienced by children, families and communities as a result of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

During our time at Youth Justice our work transformed when we discovered the latest research on attachment, brain development and the far reaching impact of trauma. This helped us understand, in a new way, the complex needs of children, families and communities affected by violent and persistent offending. The defining moment came for us when we realised the full extent to which these Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can become hard wired in our brain and body, causing us to become trapped by negative core beliefs and unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

Left unhealed, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are toxic to society. They leave deep wounds of hopelessness and shame, leading to mental health problems, interpersonal and domestic violence, offending, educational underachievement, addictions and family breakdown.

Connected for Life reflects Deirdre and Marie’s commitment to bringing this awareness into the public domain in order to positively change lives and relieve suffering.

Our Experience

We have over 50 years combined professional experience, in the voluntary and statutory sectors in a range of fields, including: social care; social work; family therapy; management; supervision of staff and student social workers (practice teaching); training and further education.

We have completed a range of graduate, post graduate and vocational training and qualifications, in Psychology, Social Work, Family Therapy, Management, restorative practice, desistance, practice teaching, mental health, suicide prevention, domestic violence and substance misuse.

Honesty, trust and vulnerability lie at the heart of all that connects us and is a powerful force in unlocking the barriers which separate and divide us.
— Marie and Deirdre