ACEs and resilience training (facilitated for Schools, Early Years, Youth and Parenting Organisations) :

"I found the whole presentation fascinating and very relevant to us as adults and in relation to the children we work with at home and in school. I am delighted to see a broader understanding emerging which takes shows recognition of other factors which influence behaviours. I think that we often underestimate the positive influence we can have on other peoples lives and to make best use of this ability"

"Very well presented training that kept our interest. Good that we worked in teams"

"Very useful training. Would be useful in many settings as it gives time for self -reflection too! It was useful to have time to think about how early life experiences have such an impact on later life. Teachers and other adults can help support children to build resilience - no matter what adverse early experiences they have had!"

"Facilitators were very knowledgeable and the training was very interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt a lot. It was a new topic for me and very interesting. The video clips enhanced the training, made me more aware of all the different types of Adverse Childhood Experiences and the impact it has on the entire life of the child. Everyone is likely to have experienced ACE to some degree which explains a lot of behaviour. It is interesting to be aware how the brain develops from birth & in the early years, something that all parents should know from antenatal stage as it will effect their child's entire life and outcomes"

"Found it all quite fascinating. I actually discussed this training with a few others"

"The training gave me a good insight into the challenges faced by many of our pupils. We may be the child's one champion and we can make a very real difference to their lives I found the information on the ACE study particularly thought provoking and felt there were lots of opportunities to reflect on the implications for us in our school. The sections on attachment and on toxic stress were very relevant and encouraged us to look beyond the behaviours we may see. The trainers themselves are warm, engaging and have a lovely relaxed style. This made a difficult topic much easier to focus on"

"Interesting and relevant to early years work - highlights the importance of ACE"

"It was very useful, and helped to draw attention to the importance of providing children with a nurturing environment especially in the early years. Brain development in the early years and teenage years is crucial to the future of our children, and nurturing that and protecting the children from harmful or stressful situations is critical"

"I found the training relevant to my job role. It has made me more aware of how I can improve my practice. I will be more conscious of what parents and children may be bringing with them to our programme"

"A well presented course that offered valuable knowledge and understanding in to the impact on people's life and wellbeing when they have experienced adverse childhood experiences. The key message for me was the effect adverse childhood experience can have on a child's life, how it impacts through to adulthood and the importance of relevant help and support being available to benefit their emotional and mental wellbeing."


Training on attachment, trauma, brain development and challenging behaviour (faciliatated for Youth Service):

"Very well researched, relevant, personal and up to date presentation. I loved it!”

"A lot of new information. I had no idea that this research was happening. Excellent.”

“I found this very helpful from my job point of view and also a personal one. Fantastic Presentation and feel equipped with dealing with behaviours.”                         


Trainng on attachment, trauma and brain development  (faciliatated for Surestart and Childcare Organisations)

Really enjoyed it, turned on a light bulb!”

"The training has given the staff great insight into Attachment and Bonding and the relevance it has in their day to day work with young children and understanding of how best to support children. Staff were delighted to get the opportunity to have this training and this has enhanced how they work with the children in our care."

“I really wanted to thank you both for the training today. All the feedback  from our staff has been very positive.”