One to one sessions

In our one to one sessions we use our knowledge and expertise to support individuals in finding long terms solutions to the problems which are damaging their lives and relationships.

We believe that it is in empowering and supporting individuals to explore the source and context of their problems in new ways, through the lens of their childhood experiences, that the most lasting and transformative changes are brought about. Central to our strengths based approach is the belief that many of the solutions to our problems lie deep within ourselves, at the very core of who we are.


Family sessions 

As well as supporting individuals, Marie and Deirdre have worked with families experiencing a range of problems throughout their careers.

Call us for a free initial conversation, during which we can decide if and how we can support you and / or your family.

People are best understood and helped, from a position of acceptance, respect and unconditional positive regard. We begin our work from a place of openness and curiosity, believing that the best foundation for lasting and transformative growth and change comes from first accepting and respecting the place where people are at.
— Marie and Deirdre